The Spirit Is Wilaya

از ولایت حضرت علی و حضرت زهرا
پرش به:ناوبری، جستجو

In the name of ALLAH

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Surra of Al-Qadr (سورة القدر)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the merciful

«انا انزلناه فی لیلة القدر»[۱]

Lo! We revealed it on the Night of power. (1)

«وما ادراک ما لیلة القدر»[۲]

Ah, What will convey unto thee what the night of Power is! (2)

«لیلة القدر خیر من الف شهر»[۳]

The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. (3)

«تنزل الملائکة والروح فیها باذن ربهم من کل امر»[۴]

The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord with

all decrees. (4)

«سلام هی حتی مطلع الفجر»[۵]

(That night is) Peace until the rising of the dawn. (5)


Wilaya (الولایة) is one of the most important concepts of Islam. Islam is completed by wilaya. Wilaya is being submitted to commandment (الأمر) of God and Prophet Mohammad and masumin (المعصومین). Paying attention to this point can save people from difficulties in their life. It is necessary for us to consider our acts and try to be submitted to wilaya. Shias always asks God to grant them knowledge of wilaya.

The aim of this book is illustrating an enaya. (العنایة). An enaya is gift from heaven. It uncovers a secret of heaven. Only a pious person who is selected by fourteen masumin can receive an enaya. This person has to pass several exams to reach to such a level of faith.

Haj Hussein Khosh Lahje (حاج حسین خوش‌لهجه) is a pious who has received an enaya from Imam Reza (peace be on him). The enaya is: "The Spirit is wilaya" (روح، ولایت است)

The Spirit here refers to a verse of Quran in surra of Al-Qadr:

"The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord with all decrees.(4)"

Imam Reza (peace be on him) has permitted Khosh Lahje to uncover this enaya and illustrate it for people. This enaya is a victory.

This book contains messages of fourteen masumin. Khosh Lahje illustrates this enaya with knowledge of wilaya. This knowledge is gained by obeying commandment of God. If a person read this book and practice its instructions then he will be saved.

In this book, Khosh Lahje illustrates this enaya through several parts. The reader should read all of parts and consider them together. It is very important to think about all parts together as a whole. Firstly he discusses about comprehension of an enaya and also the difference between enaya and saying and then he illustrates different aspects of this enaya. The discussion goes through several topics like Fate, patience, divine scholar and perfection. He ends the book with discussion about magnificence of Fateme (peace be on her). Fateme (peace be on her) is the most important human in this book and also all creation

Khosh lahje was born in 1925. He lives in Qom (قم), Iran. He was a carpenter and now he is retired. He has participated in the discussions with Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khansari (آیت الله سید احمد خوانساری), Haj Sheikh Abbas Tehrani (حاج شیخ عباس تهرانی), Seyyed Mohammad Hojjat Kuh Kamare'I (سید محمد حجت کوه‌کمره‌ای) since he was youth. He has tried to be submitted to wilaya in all days of his life. Now, he holds weekly sessions about wilaya and other religious subjects in Qom and many people attend in his lectures.

Khosh Lahje believes that wilaya, justice and generosity are three main requirements for perfection. He insists on generosity. In one of his lectures he points to the most important event of his life:

"One day, when I was a teenager, I attended in a discussion about Adam (peace be on him). The speaker was illustrating the story of Adam, Eve and apple. I was influenced by this lecture: Adam eats the apple and God expels him from paradise. Since that day, I've tried not to commit a sin. Thank God that he helped me during several hard exams in my life."

This book is based on one of his lectures. Isma'el Yaqubi (اسماعیل یعقوبی) , one of the students of Khosh Lahje has organized this book. So the text contains quotations of Khosh Lahje. The target of Khosh Lahje is showing hidden aspects of an enaya. Doing the instructions of this book can help you to find the light of wilaya.

Comprehension of an enaya

Khosh Lahje has noted several unique points in his lectures; this book starts with one of them: "The Spirit is wilaya"

This sentence is a gift from Imam Reza (peace be upon him). It is an enaya. Comprehension of an enaya is not possible for us without help of fourteen masumin (المعصومین) Enaya discovers a secret of heaven. It is a valuable guidance from Imams. Only masumin can describe the aspects of an enaya. So, we have to ask fourteen masumin to help us to understand an enaya. We have to ask from Imam Reza (peace is on him)

"The Spirit is wilaya" It is one of those marvelous and magnificent enayas. Of course, there isn't any saying that speaks directly about this Enaya. If there was such a saying then this enaya would not be called a hidden treasury of heaven. But there are some verses in Quran and sayings that uphold this enaya. There are always some signs for any enaya in the verses of Quran or sayings.

The most important thing for God in his program for direction of human is wilaya. These are some examples from Quran and sayings that shows this concept:

"And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My spirit, then fall down before him prostrate."[۶]

"There is no god but Allah. (لا اله الا الله) This sentence is my fortress. Anybody who enters to my fortress is protected from my Tribulation" [۷]

"Wilaya of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb is my fortress. Anybody who enters to my fortress is protected from my Tribulation" [۸]

"They will ask thee concerning the Spirit. Say: The spirit is by command of my Lord, and of knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but little" [۹]

Wilaya blows into the Spirit. Obedience of commandment will enrich wilaya and disobedience will disturb it. Khosh Lahje illustrates this point:

"I insist here that although, there's no saying that points to this Enaya directly, but we will prove its rightness by several signs in different sayings and verses. There are some indications."

The difference between enaya and saying

The difference between enaya and saying is that the person who comprehends the enaya must be selected by Imam. Then he will be granted, like Salman. Salman, who was one of most important friends of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and Imam Ali (peace be on him), had this granting. Imam grants enaya to a special person. This person must have a very strong faith.

Khosh Lahje continues the illustration of enaya:

"Note that the audiences of religious lectures are all people. They gather together and listen to a person that has some knowledge of religion. But enaya is just for special persons. It is a gift from heaven. Only special persons that God selects them can receive enaya. I swear to my religion that I don’t want to speak about my superiority to others, but you know that sometime, when you want to declare an important message brightly, you have to emphasize on it."

"Enaya is obeying commandment of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) in all of your life. Commandment of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) is being of Imam Ali (peace be on him). Commandment of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) is being of Imam Zaman (May God hasten his glad advent). The obedience of commandment is the most important thing in Islam. Some people think that just praying or going on pilgrimage of imams is enough. They do not pay attention to the concept of obedience."

Hazrat Ma'sume (Peace is on her) said to me: "People go on pilgrimage, but they don’t obey our commandment".

If you obey imams then Commandment will reward you. Imam Reza (peace be on him) doesn't say the message of this enaya to everybody. He doesn't say an enaya to a person who use to go on pilgrimage but doesn't obey commandment of wilaya at all. They go on pilgrimage but they forget not to commit sins.

"Special persons can receive enaya from fourteen masumin. Firstly, these persons must obey commandment of God, then Imam permits him to uncover enaya. He will be allowed to uncover it. He will be permitted to say enaya to people."


This section will be devoted to main concept of this enaya. In this section we will discuss about a piece of blessing in this special enaya: "The Spirit is wilaya". This special enaya is about divine fate.

We will start with the story of world's beginning. If we understand this story correctly, and consider different effects of this story on our life, then all the sad stories from birth to death and then death to purgatory and Doomsday will finish.

The world of Zar (Minor Alast )

Our fates are written in the story of world's beginning. Here, the discussion will be about the world of Zar and the day of Alast. If we solve the problems that have roots in false comments about Zar, Alast and the Spirit, then we can progress. All of them are important in illustration of this enaya.

In the day of Alast, God said to all beings: "Am I not your Lord"? [۱۰]

On that day, beings had authority but they didn't have power. Holy masumin were pioneering in replying yes. They were teachers of all creatures from beginning. They taught to all of the beings to say yes. They answered to the question of God before all of the beings.

They were pioneering to teach creatures. Beings were learning to answer yes to the Question of God. Fourteen masumin, are light. They were existed before creation of all beings. They never doubt in God.

They were in the level of sure from beginning of the world.

Since they didn't have denied God, They didn't have any need to confirm him. They are eternal witnesses of the world. They are always present in heaven, in all the times: before creation, during creation and after creation. Therefore, if they pioneered, it was for teaching all of the beings.

The difference between granting wilaya and blowing wilaya

All of the beings in the world of Zar respond to the question of God. Based on this event, three types of answers were classified: Yes, No, and Silence. Some of the beings answered yes to the question of God. Some of them said no and others remained silent. Based on this classification, God granted to everybody a share from capital of wilaya.

"Here, we discuss about tow verbs: granting and blowing. On Alast, Capital of wilaya was granted to everybody, even Jews. A Jewish child is innocent because of having this capital but as until he doesn't accept false beliefs of his father. When Jewish child comes to this world, he is innocent, but during life he can change. He can select his fate and become prosperous or atrocious by his acts."

"Therefore, God granted wilaya to everybody in the world of Zar. But it was not blown to any creature. You have to notice to the difference between these two: Granting and Blowing. When does wilaya blow into our soul? When we accept wilaya of Imam Ali (peace be on him) and Imam Mahdi (peace be on him). Just saying yes is not enough for blowing of wilaya. You have to obey wilaya in practice you have to obey commandment of wilaya in all of your acts. "

"If wilaya blows to your soul, then you will be in a situation that a saying describes: "Knowledge is a light that God beams in the heart of anyone who selects." The light of wilaya will shine on your soul. Darkness will escape.

"Many people do not pay attention to this point, even university professors. Apparently they're learning too much. They convey huge amount of information to students. But unfortunately they don’t care to this golden point. Although, may be there are some professors that care about this point, but generally it's not widespread among them. Obviously, we don’t mean that all of them do not care to these points. We tell sayings for people, but do we obey commandment of wilaya? Do we pay attention to the guidance of sayings? If imams give us knowledge of light, then we can distinct between good and evil. But remember, this gift is not given to a person who loves this world. The worldly minded person is far from the right way. Remember this world is the enemy of Amir Al Momenin Ali (peace be on him) and Fateme (peace be on her). People are usually cheated by this world."

You have to become free of satanic temptations. Be careful of greed. You don't have to love this world

If you do not care to this point, this world will cheat you. Of course, it is obvious that you have to work enough and manage your family and earn enough money. But all of them should be for obedience of wilaya.

There is no conflict between attention to wilaya and having interest in this world. You have to work, earn enough money to manage your family and buy house and car. But all of these acts are acceptable only when they are not opposed to commandment. Do not be worldly-minded Do not let this world cheat you. Do not be absorbed in the affairs of this world.

So if you obey commandment of fourteen masumin, then they will answer you.

Imam Ali (peace be on him) answers you with his kindliness. His answer will bring kindliness of God and masumin to our life. But there is a condition. You have to ignore attraction of this world. You have to forget it. Don’t let the temptations of this world affect on you. You have to be generous and help poor people. Be careful of greed. You have to pay attention to around. If you always care about yourself and don’t care to others, especially poor people, then you will become selfish. in such situation, you will disobey commandment.

"One day, a man visited Imam Javad (peace be on him) and asked him about going on pilgrimage of Imam Reza (peace be on him). Imam Javad answered him: Going on pilgrimage of my father is worth pleasing of seven Hajs (الحج) and seven Omre (العمرة) The man asked again: does any other thing make more pleasing to God? Imam Javad (peace be on him) answered: Yes, Satisfying a need of a pious is more pleasing to God.

If you want pleasing of God and acceptance of your acts in pilgrimage, you have to care about the conditions. Firstly, you must obey commandment of fourteen masumin. When you read history, you will find some strange examples. There were some people who were at the service of four imams for sixteen or seventeen years but in the end, they became infidel. Why? Because they weren't loyal to Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). " (peace be upon him)."

This world ( Major Alast ،الست الکبیر)

This world is the world of examination. Here, we have authority and power. Based on the power and authority, human will go through roads of prosperity or misery. He selects one of these roads with his acts.

Capital and prosperity of humans is wilaya. The obedience of commandment means following the way of imams. This will increase your primary capital. We need to increase and save this primary capital to reach prosperity. It lets Spirit to blow into our soul. Disobeying commandment and opposing fourteen Masumin will lead to loss of capital. Then we will go to the road of misery.

False beliefs about fate

There is an important question about fate. Do events of Zar cause constant consequences in this world? Is it impossible to change the consequences in this world?

In the literature, there are some proverbs containing false ideas about fate of human. They insist that fates are not changeable. These proverbs misdirect people. This is a false idea .Even it is an insult to God. It is a betraying.

If this belief was true, how would God write fates without interference of human? Why does God declare in Holy Quran that Despair is blasphemy? God says in Quran:

"Lo none of despairth of spirit of Allah saves disbelieving folk" [۱۱]

Fear and Hope

Khosh Lahje illustrates this topic:

"When a person despairs of the Spirit, Indeed, he despairs of wilaya. Therefore, despairing of wilaya leads to infidelity.

Being disappointed of wilaya means despairing of being. Wilaya is being of God.

But alastis (those people who believe that fates are unchangeable) don't believe in this concept.

I had a meeting with the leader of Iranian alastis. Alastis never know themselves as sinners. They think that they have no authority when they commit a sin. They think that God has written our fate and God doesn’t make mistake. Based on these prerequisites, they acquit themselves well. It is a false belief.

We discussed in a session for one hour. Firstly, I could not satisfy him. He was insisting on this prerequisite that God doesn't make mistake and changing a fate will be an indication of a mistake by God. We talked for a long time. Finally, I asked him: "Does God make mistake while he said to his prophet Mohammad:

"O messenger, make known that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord,"

This verse is a reason that fates are changeable. People need to be guided with message of God. They need this guidance to select the right way. In this verse, God uses a very important phrase: "make known". This is the key point.

People have a need to be guided and it is satisfied by making known that which hath been revealed unto prophet from his Lord. The alasti didn't continue the discussion.

So, here, I declare that belief of alasti is wrong. Anybody who hold grudge with wilaya, doesn't understand the truth, Shia doesn't hold grudge with truth.

Shia must be submitted to wilaya. Now I use a comparison here: In this world, there are poison and pearl in front of us. Poison is disobeying wilaya and pearl is being submitted to wilaya. We must prevent from poison. We have to gain wilaya. On that time, wilaya will be injected to us. It will blow into our soul.

Therefore, human should experience fear and hope at the same time, people have to hope to future .Also they should believe that their hope is wilaya. Pious believes in wilaya. If you believe in wilaya you will be saved.

Wilaya is perfect. All of the creatures are just signs. Only three things will remain: God, Wilaya and Quran. Others are mortal. If you connect yourself to these three eternals, then you will be saved.

If imams glance at us, then we can become a pious. But there is a point here; Imams are like countenance (الوجه) of God. It is obvious that I do not mean that God has physical countenance. Never!

I mean when imams glance at us, it's like that God directs us. But only imams have such a degree of wilaya. We can't reach this level. In comparison with imams, we are like ordinary people. Even past prophets except Mohammad (peace be on him) can't reach to this level.

My dear friends, let's join imams. If you join them, then you will obey their commandment. Since you obeyed their commandment, you won’t answer to satanic requests of ordinary people. You have to obey light. You will leave those people who have false beliefs."

No one has to think that his fate is constant since beginning of the world. You don’t have to despair of wilaya. Also no one has to become arrogant. This will lead to misdirection. Right way is obedience of wilaya.

Many people said Labbayk (لبیک) in the world of Zar but then they lost their capital in this world. They fell in darkness because of their arrogance. You should pay attention deeply to this point. Arrogance is the enemy of wilaya. They didn't obey commandment. One of the famous examples is Bal'am Ba'ura (بلعم باعورا) who lost the right way. He said Labbayk on Alast but at last Satan cheated him.

Khosh Lahje continues:

"Those who were tempted by Satan lost their capital. Their capital was wilaya. God damned them because while they know the commandment, but they made such a terrible mistake.

So, be careful, if you know wilaya and then make mistake, God will damn you, because you have the responsibility to save your capital. At first, your mistakes are not uncovered. But in the future, they will be uncovered. It's terrible."

Miracle (Al-Kerama ، الکرامة) and examination (الامتحان)

In the past section, we talked about those people who came to this world with capital but they lost it in different events of life. In this section, we will consider one the famous examples: Bal'am Ba'ura. Different events in life are exams.

"The case of Bal'am Baura is a famous example of aberrance. Bal'am Baura said Labbayk in the day of Alast. So God granted him special powers. It is necessary to notice that Bal'am Baura didn't perform miracles as prophets did. For example, He would say to a person "Turn to dog!" and then that person would turn to dog. Pay attention that this is not a miracle. When we talk about miracle we don’t mean these strange acts. The point here is that having special powers was an examination for Bal'am Baura. God gave this power to him but he used it in a wrong way.

What about miracle? Miracle is something that God or fourteen masumin grant to a special person. This person must have very strong faith. He must pass exams successfully. But in the examination, the situation is completely different. You will be tested. For example, miracle was granted to Salman. Salman is one of those pious who were competent to reach this level. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on her) didn't grant miracle to a person like Abu Lahab. He was an infidel. He did not believe in wilaya. He was not competent. Abu Lahab did not have suitable background. He was far from the right way. Although he was uncle of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) But God says about him in Quran:

"The power of Abu Lahab will perish, and he will perish" [۱۲]

Was prophet miserly? Why didn't he grant Abu Lahab miracle? Abu Lahab didn't have suitable background. Abu Lahab was not submitted to wilaya.

He was always asking Prophet Mohammad: "why doesn't God send Gabriel to me?" you see, He just wanted to present himself to people as a prophet. He wanted to cheat people. He didn't want to obey wilaya.

God helps miracle to blow in the soul of a pious. Miracle is flowing from soul of a person who is competent. But notice that case of Bal'am Baura was an examination. It was not a miracle. God gave special powers to Bal'am Baura, but during some events, he failed the exams. He lost his capital. Satan cheated him. Then God damned him. Other famous examples are Talhe (طلحه) and Zobair (زبیر) . They were famous persons in those days that Islam was extending its influence among people. At first, they helped Islam. They were very famous. they had titles such as Seifollah.(Sword of God, سیف الله). But these titles are not miracle. They are just examinations. If you fail the hard exams then you will lose the position that you had before. We have to pray God and ask him to help us in hard exams during everyday of life. We have to ask God to lead us toward success.

Miracle Is Wish. Miracle will be injected to the soul and body of competent person, but examination is not injected into body and soul. You have to confront it. You have to pass it successfully. This is the difference between miracle and examination.

Another example about miracle:

Miracle was injected to Balal (بلال). That black slave, who was a close friend of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and Imam Ali (peace be on him). He is the most famous muezzin of Islam. After death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him), when some people usurped the caliphate of Imam Ali (peace be on him) and insulted wilaya, Balal protested those damned people and declared that he won't call azan. Some of rich people of Medina asked him to continue calling azan. They promised him to buy a house for him. But Balal did not accept it. They asked him a lot but he didn't continue calling prayer after death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). Balal knew the intention of them. He did not continue to call azan because he was opposing those who usurped the caliphate of Imam Ali (peace be on him) after death of Mohammad (peace be on him). They insulted wilaya. Balal had strong faith. He obeyed commandment of Imam Ali (peace be on him). He was angry because of those terrible events. You see this is a right reaction to those who disobeyed Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). Balal was angry of those who insulted Imam Ali and Fateme (peace be on them). Wilaya was injected in soul and blood of Balal.

My dear friends, if you become a true Shia then miracle will be injected in your soul and body. You don't have to let crisis change you. Do not let problems to pervert you. You don't have to be influenced from attractions in this world. You have to be strong. Find the right way and continue. We can see the influence of Satan in different events. It is necessary for you to be influenced of wilaya. Get help from wilaya. When wilaya is injected in you, it will affect on all parts of you. wilaya will affect on your soul. It becomes a part of your soul. It will save you from danger of Satan.

If wilaya affects on your heart, then it will fill your soul. It will shine on your soul. This influence is wilaya. wilaya won't be cheated, but if it doesn't have influence on you, then you will lose the right way, you damage your wilaya. It is terrible.

But do not forget that examination is temporary. Of course it is not a simple thing. You have to be careful. You have to pass several exams in the way of your life. Here we discuss about one of the most important and famous exams of Islam. After death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), Imam Ali (peace be on him) was only competent person to become caliph but many people preferred someone else and selected Aba Bakr. There were very few people like Balal who chose Ali (peace be on him). Balal found the correct way. He succeeded in a very important exam. Wilaya was injected into the soul of Balal and he did not fail the exam. He made a right decision."

Injection of wilaya, achieving heaven

"If wilaya fills your soul then you will achieve heaven. You will find secrets of heaven.

Balal was the first muezzin of Islam. He couldn't pronounce the sound of "sh" (ش). Some of arrogant and rich people of Medina (some of them had hundreds of red camels. It was a huge wealth on that time) were always befooling him. They were saying to Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him): "Balal is just a black slave, why do you respect him as a very important person?"

A night, They gibed Mohammad (peace be on him) and said: "If Balal doesn't call azan, it won't dawn?!"

Prophet answered: "No, it won't dawn!"

They were surprised and firstly did not believe it. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) commanded Balal not to call azan. The night became too long until they became such weary that asked Mohammad (peace be on him) to let Balal call azan.

Then Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) commanded Balal to call azan. Balal begin to call azan. As soon as he said the first word, it dawned. You see this is an example. Being sure of wilaya is difficult. Balal was sure about wilaya. He had such a degree of faith. Of course God or wilaya will grant you such faith, but first of all, you have to have suitable background. It is necessary. Balal didn't call azan after death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). He didn't accept the promises of those arrogant people. Even they beat him hard, but he never accepted. He was filled by wilaya.

They exiled Balal to Halab (حلب). But at there, he extended Islam. He preached Islam. He guided people of Halab. He converted many people of Halab to Islam. So there is a marvelous point here: when a person insults a pious, this will lead to achieving miracle for pious and damnation for insulter. Therefore if a person accused your religion, pray for him because God will damn him.

If you do this, Then, God will give you miracle. God is the supporter of pious. God is the supporter of Quran and wilaya. Try to be pious. Pious is generous, he is thirsty of wilaya.

He looks at where that God directs him. One of the basic conditions of being pious is obeying commandment of wilaya. Do not forget it.

Some people want to make others obedient. They try hard. Even they insult people. It is terrible. But God says that if you obey me then everything, even angles, will be obedient to you. Now think about it.

One of imams says: "There are people who others obey them because they fear them. They are worst people on the earth."

You should consider this concept in verses of Quran and sayings. I swear to Allah that I never discuss a topic without supporting of verses of Quran and sayings. I asked Imam Hussein (peace be on him) and Fateme (Peace be on her), when I was near the sanctuary of him to help me and do not let me to say something out of wilaya and if I say something out of wilaya, then they dumb me. Thank God, the light of wilaya is shining on my heart.

A Labbayk (لبیک) for respecting God –A Labbayk for being sure of wilaya

So we discussed that real Alast or Major Alast is this world, because here, everybody has authority and power.

But on the day of Alast in Zar (Minor Alast), beings had just authority and they didn't have power. In this world, fourteen masumin pioneered to teach beings. They had a program for two levels.

First: Those who said Labbayk, answer yes to God like masumin, because beings that said Labbaik were in different levels of sureness.

"In Zar, All of the beings answered Labbayk to God, but this Labbayk was a temporary answer. You have to prove your Labbayk in this world. You have to say Labbayk in this world too. For Saying Labbayk in this world, firstly, you have to be sure of wilaya. We said Labbayk on Alast to respect commandment of God. All the beings respected God and said yes to his questions, but saying Labbayk in this world means answering Labbayk to wilaya. All of the beings should reach to this level. They have to become sure of wilaya. You have to believe deeply in wilaya. This is the difference between two Labbayks in this world and the world of Zar. This is will of God. Living in this world is a chance for beings to say Labbayk.

Now, pay attention to an example. Bal'm Ba'ura said Labbayk in Zar, if he would not say Labbayk, God would never give him those special powers. But this is just the first step. There is a condition for saving this magnificent place.

God says that if you don’t thank me for the gift that I gave you, then I will take it back.

Be careful don’t act ungrateful; Thank Allah that you believe in wilaya in all the days and nights. Being thankful is the key to save this capital.

Wilaya in this world and in all creation is like an indicator. If you believe in wilaya, you will be directed to the light. You will be in a harmony with all creatures. This is an important point that even university professors do not pay attention to it. You have to be in a harmony with all of the creatures. You have to always check yourself to be in the way of wilaya. Do not be selfish. You do not have to consider the situation only with your own knowledge. You need guidance. You need help of wilaya. You do not have to theorize anything based on only your thoughts, without any attention to wilaya. Only God knows that how I suffer when I see some mistakes of university professors."

Second level of program is that there were beings that opposed God and didn't say Labbayk to him. Now there is a chance for them. They can learn from masumin and say yes to God.

Discussion about main concept of verses

Khosh Lahje always insists on the importance of correct illustrations. Understanding the key point of every saying is the most powerful instrument. Knowing the key point is the door to reaching the origin of concepts. Every concept that is considered in a saying has an origin. The main point here is to recognize the origin of concepts. Unfortunately there aren't many researches in this field. This situation leads to misunderstanding of concepts. It has terrible circumstances.

We read in sayings that when Imam Mahdi (peace is on him) comes, most people think that he declares a brand new religion. So you see that it is a false belief. Incorrect illustrations and forgetting origin of concepts are dangers. They will mislead people.

It shows that there are not enough researches about origins of sayings and verses of Quran. But remember that Quran and sayings of fourteen masumin are remained. They guide us to the light.

Therefore, we have enough sources. But unfortunately most of them are illustrated incorrectly.

If a person misapprehends the verses of Quran and misapplies them in his lectures and books, then he spreads false messages to the people. It is an insult to wilaya. It is a sin. In this case, this person doesn't illustrate sayings for people correctly. It is worth nothing. He leads people to astray. Illustration of saying and verses is very delicate.

In the next section, the illustration of two verses of Quran will be presented by Haj Hussein Khosh Lahje.

1- "He hath proved a tyrant and a fool" [۱۳]

This verse is in surah of Al-Ahzab. "Human hath proved a tyrant and a fool". God says "we offered the trust unto heavens and earth and the hills" but only human assumed. Human was tyrant and fool. Some of commentators believe that human was fool and tyranny so he admitted it.

But notice that this illustration is not correct. Here is an example of incorrect illustrations that will lead us to misery. We have to prevent ourselves from this danger.

But why this illustration is incorrect?

Firstly, because of it's false logic. If God created human and send him to earth and titled him as "Caliph of God", it means that God wanted to honor him. God respects the position of human among all creatures. God says: "We have honored children of Adam" [۱۴]. He honors Adam. The most valuable position is for human.

God admires himself, because he created human. In this verse God admires human:

"Then fashioned We drop a clot, then fashioned We the clot a little lump, then fashioned We the little lump bones, then clothed the bones with flesh and then produced it as another creation. So blesses be Allah, the Best of Creators." [۱۵]

So here is the question: why God humiliates human and says that among all of the creatures only this tyrant and fool admitted wilaya?

Also, it is necessary for recognition the origin of concepts in verses of Quran and sayings, to consider them together. It is a golden point.

This will direct us to the right illustrations. Khosh Lahje says:

"Only a person can answer such a question that has permission. He has to have permission from God and fourteen masumin. Why God humiliates human and says that among all of creatures only this tyrant and fool admitted wilaya? Who can illustrate this subject?

God titles human as "fool", but obviously, he does not mean that human is stupid. Never! But it means that human saw magnificence of wilaya and confessed to his ignorance. By this confession, Human accepted Quran and wilaya.

God says that human is "the lord of all creatures".

Does God grant such a title to a fool? God offered the trust unto heavens and earth and the hills. Mountains can't speak and admit it. God wants to show magnificence of wilaya. Mountain can't uncover magnificence of wilaya.

God grants wilaya to a person who will illustrate it correctly.

Is there any other creature competent enough to uncover Quran?

Why can't some of scholars understand this important point? Sometimes they illustrate verses of Quran incorrectly. They are not worth a listen. They only waste their time. I swear to God that it's better for us not to talk about these topics without knowledge. Their thoughts do not have any value.

Let's concentrate on human wisdom. What does God mean when he points to mountain, in this verse? He points to the magnificence of human. Mountain refers to magnificence of human. He means that he revealed Quran to human. Who can accept wilaya? Only a person can accept it that is a member of wilaya.

This is clear, but I repeat again. When wilaya was revealed to Adam, he confessed to his inferiority. If you confess to your ignorance, then you will never insist on your abilities. You will rethink using "I" in sentences. You will remember Wilaya. You will never become selfish.

Adam respected wilaya and said: "I'm fool". He said that he is fool and hereby, he thanks God and Quran. He thanks revealing of wilaya unto him.

We read in sayings that wilaya was offered to mountains. Those mountains which accepted wilaya turned to the mountains of onyx.

Another example shows that wilaya was offered to not only mountains but also all of the beings.

Once, Imam Ali (peace be on him) said to Qanbar (his servant) to go and bring two melons, Qanbar went and came with two melons. They cut melons but one of them tasted bitter and the other was tasteless. Imam Ali (peace be on him) said that they both didn't have accepted our wilaya and now you see that they taste bitter or tasteless. This example shows that wilaya was offered to all of the beings even fruits and mountains.

Another point is that the trees and the mountains which accepted wilaya, still are not in the level of maturity. I mean maturity of wilaya. Firstly, they obeyed wilaya. Mountains recognized all of wilaya and now they have such magnificence.

But you have to reach level of maturity in wilaya. When your wilaya becomes mature then you accept God and Quran completely.

When you accept wilaya completely, then you will accept all of the beings, punishment and reward.

When you accept all the beings on the earth and skies, this shows the perfection of your wilaya. It means acceptance of all possibilities in both earth and sky. Because there is only one Ali (peace be on him) in all possibilities of God. Imam Ali (peace be on him) is wilaya. Ali (peace be on him) is the only right way to wilaya. God says a very famous sentence in Quran and illustrates wilaya of Imam Ali (peace be on him).

This day have I perfected your religion. [۱۶]

According to this verse Islam is perfected by wilaya of Ali (peace be on him)

In this verse, God points to just one person: Imam Ali (peace be on him)

God points to just one wilaya. The relationship between God and creation is like the relationship between Imam Ali (peace be on him) and all creatures.

So as a result, anybody who does not believe in Imam Ali (peace be on him), doesn't believe in God. The aim of God is Imam Ali (peace be on him). You see that believing in Imam Ali (peace be on him) is the base of wilaya.

My dear friends please set your mind free of this world. Forget its attraction. Come to wilaya and become submitted to fourteen masumin.

If you forget the passion of this world then God grants you wilaya of Imam Ali (peace be on him). But firstly, you must be submitted to wilaya. Don’t make your problems complicated with your incorrect acts and fancies.

Come to wilaya and become submitted to imams, then God will grant you wilaya of Imam Ali (peace be on him). Come to wilaya, otherwise you will lose the right way.

If you reach perfect to wilaya, then wilaya will accompany with you in both worlds. You won't be alone in Doomsday.

But being with wilaya in both worlds is an enaya. Of course, you will never reach to level of Imam Ali (peace be on him) and Fateme (peace be on him).

Enaya will save you from dangers. Although we can not reach

to wilaya Imam Ali and Fateme (peace be on him). Their wilaya is perfect. They are symbols of wilaya. It is out of our ability to reach to such a level of wilaya. We can't be exactly like them. We can just be a member of wilaya.

Imam Sadiq(peace be on him) have said: "you can be a member of wilaya. But you can't become exactly like as imams.

We hope to be a member of wilaya.

2- "Lo we have given thee (O Mohammad) a signal victory" [۱۷]

Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) introduced Ali (peace be on him) as Imam of Muslims by saying this verse of Quran to people.

No other prophet could do this commandment of God. Imam Ali (peace be on him) was introduced by Prophet Mohammad. (He introduced Ali not to all of the beings on the earth but also to all creatures in anywhere.)

Remember the famous message of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) in the day of Qadir (الغدیر) :

"O people! Study Qur'an and comprehend its verses, look into its fixed verses and do not follow what is similar thereof, for by Allah, none shall explain to you what it forbids you from doing, nor clarify its exegesis, other than the one whose hand I am taking and whom I am lifting to me, the one whose arm I am taking and whom I am lifting, so that I may enable you to understand that: Whoever among you takes me as his master (المولی), this, Ali is his master, and he is' Ali ibn Abu Talib, my Brother and wasi (الوصی), and his appointment as your wali (الولی) is from Allah, the Sublime, the Exalted One, a commandment which He revealed to me."

Islam is Ali (peace be on him). This is the opening door to faith. This is victory. Qadir is the most important event in the history of Islam. When Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) delayed in presenting Imam Ali (peace be on him) as Amir Al- Momenin (الامیرالمؤمنین), God said to him: "if thou do it not, thou will not have conveyed His message." [۱۸]

It means that without presentation of Imam Ali (peace be on him) to people, the mission of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) would not be accomplished. If he would not present Ali (peace be on him) as "Imam of Muslims" then all of his efforts during 23 years of prophecy would be wasted. He presented Ali (peace be upon him) to people for completing his mission.

You have to notice to an important point here: Presenting Ali (peace be on him) as an Imam was a commandment of God. Sunna of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) is very important. Sunna of Mohammad (peace be on him) shows duties of him. But presenting Ali (peace be on him) as first Imam is more important. We have to concentrate on this point.

Why presentation of Ali as an imam is more important? Because Allah doesn't accept prayers without wilaya of Imam Ali (peace be on him). Even, If you pray more than all jinn and ins but don't believe in Ali (peace be on him) and verse of Quran – "This day have I perfected your religion" then you will go to hell. This shows the importance of this presentation.

Salvation and Misery

Salvation and misery are key subjects in every discussion about fate. In this section we will discuss about a saying that is illustrated incorrectly. The false illustration became a reason for alastis to insist on their false theory:

"A blessed person is blessed from the beginning of his life in the womb of his mother, and a miserable person is miserable from beginning of his life in the womb of his mother." [۱۹]

For understanding the meaning of this saying, we have to know that who are blessed and miserable.

Then we will discuss about authority. Do people have the chance to select the right way of on their own?

We concentrate on a paragraph of "Ziarate Ale Yasin" (زیارت آل یس).This saying will show us how to judge this problem? We can find the definition of both subjects (salvation and misery). In this praying, we say to Imam Mahdi (peace is on him): "anyone who obeys you is blessed and anyone who disobeys you is miserable."

Blessed is who obeys commandment of wilaya. Miserable is who opposes wilaya.

Do people have the authority to obey Imam Mahdi (peace be on him)? Yes. Therefore, you see that if somebody says that "I am always misfortune and my destiny is affected by bad lucks and my fate is damned." then you have to mention him that its reason is his disobedience. He does not obey wilaya then he confronts with problems but he thinks that he is misfortune.

So sin and disobedience have a bad effect on our life.

You see that there is no need to holy water of Zamzam or such things to escape from bad luck. Only penitence and obedience of command will drive your life to a good destiny.

Now we go back to the discussion about the world of Zar. All that happened in Zar was just an examination. But do not forget that, this exam is taken every day in this world. You're always facing an alast. Every alast is an exam. This alast is different from those which happened in Zar. In every event of our life, we have the authority and the power to face these alasts. We can select the right or false way.

Any alast that happens in our life contains a message from God. If we accept them by obeying commandment then we can select the right way.

If we accept call of God, then our capital of wilaya will increase. We can become ready for alasts of tomorrow (Doomsday). When we succeed in an alast then God sends us a new one and another exam starts.

How can people become prosperous? It is possible by following imams. People follow the road of misery because they oppose imams. Every person can become prosperous or atrocious. There's no obligation to go to paradise or hell. You can select between them. Your acts will direct you to one of them.

When I declare that there is no obligation, I can give a reason for it. It has a rational reason. if people would be obliged to do things then reward and punishment would become meaningless. And as a result, divine messages and holy books of prophets were meaningless.

If blessed or miserable were recognized from the beginning then why did God send Prophet Mohammad (peace is on him) with Holy Quran to people? Why did our prophet tried to preach Islam?

Trick and Fate

Here, Khosh Lahje has a comment about enaya. Again we discuss about the marvel of this enaya: "Spirit is wilaya"

Khosh Lahje illustrates that:

"You don’t have to use tricks in facing your fate. You do not have to break the rules. Here, using trick means hoodwinking. When you hoodwink others, you cheat others to get your goal and change your fate. Thereupon you do something that is not accepted by wilaya.

Every person has a fate that will form based on his capital of wilaya. This is one of the most important points about wilaya. If you want to change your fate, you have to increase your capital of wilaya. Here, hoodwinking means solving problems in a way that wilaya does not accept it. When you want to achieve satanic goals, you try to trick people.

It is terrible.

For example, Pharaoh (فرعون) wanted to change his fate by using trick. He used several tricks in confronting Moses (peace be on him), but did

he succeed?

Quran teaches us a very important lesson:

We don’t have to trick people for changing our fate.

We have to pray to God and say:

"O God, don't let us to turn to a person who tricks people for changing his fate."

When we are far from wilaya, we don’t have tolerance to change our fate. We can't tolerate the pains when we are alone.

If God would prefer to impose pressure on us, then he would not say:

"And whosever keepeth his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him"[۲۰] or "And if the people of the townships had believed and kept from evil, surely we should have opened for them blessings from sky and from the earth. But (unto every messenger) they gave the lie, and so we seized them on account of what they used to earn." [۲۱]

God gives all of the blessings to his servants. God doesn't want to put pressure on his servant.

Our problems in life are because of our disobedience. When we live without attention to commandment of God, we will face problems.

Also you can find this point in another verse of Quran:

"But he who turneth away from remembrance of Me, his will be a narrow life, and I shall bring him blind to assembly on the Day of resurrection." [۲۲]

A person, who turns away from remembrance of God, will lose aliment of this world and blessings of paradise.

"Remembrance" refers to Imam Ali (peace be on him). Imam Ali (peace be on him) says: "I am remembrance of God".

Our efforts in changing the fate must join commandment of God. This helps us to know how to ask God to change our fate. Otherwise we may trick ourselves and disturb the discipline of world.

Khosh Lahje considers the subject:

"When you pray and ask God, you don’t have to think about other alternatives. You have to ask God to help you. Do not think that you can find the solution on your own. You have to believe that God's will is the only factor that is affecting every event. An example will be useful for illustration of this point.

Moses (peace be on him) was passing a place. He saw a man that was praying to God. That man was weeping.

Moses (peace be on him) said to God: "If this man would pray to me, I would accept his prayer."

God answered: "I swear to my magnificence that I don't accept his prayer. He weeps but seeks help from someone else" [۲۳]

Another example: Suppose that you become indebted to many people and you ask God to help you. You pray a lot but at the same time you think with yourself that if God did not accepted your prayer; you will ask help from some of your friends. It means that you do not consider God as the only factor that is affecting all events.

In this situation, you pray a lot, you weep, but God answers:

"You want to do it alone. You think that my help is not such necessary. So why do you ask me?"

Wilaya And Intermediacy

Khosh Lahje says:

"We have to recognize God as the organizer of all events in this world. We don’t have to forget this point. God controls and organizes all the happenings.

When we pray for a will, we have to ask fourteen masumin. They are as intermediates. This situation is completely different from when we think ourselves as main organizer. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) teaches us a lesson in the event of Nijran (نجران) . In the case of Mobahele (مباهله), he brought with himself Imam Ali (peace be on him) and Fateme (peace be on her) and Hassan and Hussein(peace be on them). Prophet brought main persons of wilaya. This shows the place of wilaya. They were intermediates.

So if a person prays a wish to God without paying attention to wilaya, it is like that he insists on himself.

God does not accept his wish.

You have to ask fourteen masumin (peace be on them) be your intermediates. They can help you. They are best servants of Allah. God respects them."

Something worthier than acceptance of a prayer

You have to know that in a situation that you pray a lot, and ask help from fourteen masumin to be your intermediates, but still God does not accept your prayer, so do not be upset. Be satisfied. It must have a reason that God does not accept your prayer. In this situation, God has protected you from danger in future. We can't predominate in all events of future. But God is aware of all happenings. You see in this situation, this alternative is better. May be, God does not accept our prayer to protect us from a danger in future. Sometimes we pray a lot and insist on our request, but we are not aware from secrets of future. We have to believe in fourteen masumin. Their wilaya is perfect. Fourteen masumin are aware of happenings. They know all secrets of the world. We do not observe these things in our consideration.

If you believe that your aren't such a perfect person who has perfect wilaya but you believe that wilaya of masumin is perfect, then when God does not accept one of your prayers, you won't be sad. Wilaya is like our father. We can trust on maumin. Wilaya is closer than a father. They love us and want to protect us from dishonor.

This means: "Being satisfied of God's decree and submitted to commandment of Allah. There is no God but Allah."

Be submitted to commandment of God and fourteen masumin. Unfortunately we are interested in these words only as different forms of theories while we have a lot of problems in practice,

An example: A man asked Imam Reza (peace be on him) to be his intermediate. But Imam Reza (peace be on him) didn't accepted his prayer. That man requested Sheikh Bahai'i (شیخ بهایی) to accept his wish. He presented Sheikh Bahai'I as his intermediate to God for acceptance of his prayer. Then he prayed a lot. Finally God accepted his prayer, but after someday that man became dishonored. He protested Sheikh Baha'i. He answered him that Imam Reza (peace be on him) knew that by acceptance of this prayer, you will be dishonored during series of events. So he did not accept to be your intermediate. But I was not aware of this. So I accepted to be your intermediate. Your prayer was accepted and you saw the terrible result. This shows that insisting too much on our prayers is not good. We have to consider that may be we do not know some secrets about the situation.

The difference between tolerance and patience

Therefore God doesn’t teach us to ask him to increase our tolerance. This is a misunderstanding. Tolerating pain is not the aim of this world. God says to us that we have to ask him not to impose on us what we can't tolerate. This is the point.

On the other side, God says:

"Seek help in patience and prayer; and truly it is hard save for humble-minded." [۲۴]

God means that if you want to do a great work but you feel weak, you have to get help from patience and prayer. Now you can find the difference between patience and tolerance. When we are in pain or we have a complicated problem in our life and we have to tolerate it, it is because we do not pay attention to our acts during life. It's because of our inattention toward acts. Our problems in life are the results of disobedience.

Also in another saying we find this point: "Patience is Imam Ali (peace be on him)"

The result of using trick and disobedience is pain. In this situation, you have to suffer pain because you wanted to trick people. But patience is an instrument for changing fate. You see the difference. It is a golden point. It can help you if you pay attention.

We can find illustration of this verse in the sayings: we have to seek patience from prayer and fast.

Also in a saying, Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) says about Imam Ali (peace be on him):

"O Ali you're like fast and I'm like prayer"

By being submitted to Imam Ali (peace be on him), we can enjoy the divine blessings; Being submitted to commandment of Imam Ali (peace be on him) will protect us from danger of those who want to bother us.

According to Quran, wilaya is a capital that is granted to all blessings of God. It means that all blessings are credited by wilaya. When God says: "I perfected your religion today and completed My favor unto you" [۲۵], It means that if you obey wilaya, God will grant you all of blessings.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) says about Imam Ali (peace be on him):

"He has keys of blessing reservoirs. He has the keys of all the blessings."

According to the lectures of Haj Hossein Khosh Lahje, blessing is being submitted to Imam Ali (peace be on him)

It is not enough to just talk about it. Quran says about this point:

"Lo! Allah and his angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation." [۲۶]

It means that you have to be submitted to prophet. Then prophet says that you have be submitted to Imam Ali (peace be on him). After death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him), Omar and Abu Bakr were admiring Ali (peace be on him), but they were not submitted to him.

But they were not submitted to him, so Allah says that they are infidels. Remember that being submitted to wilaya is the principle of Islam.

The Difference Between Al-Sadaqah (الصدقه) and Al-Infaq (االإنفاق)

In this section, we will discuss about Al-Infaq (الإنفاق) and Al-Sadaqah (الصدقه).

Now let's see how obeying commandment can lead to change in our fate. According to a saying from Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him), sadaqah will save us from danger of seventy kinds of calamities. Therefore if a bad fate waits for us in the future, obeying wilaya can change it. We can protect ourselves with obeying wilaya.

Khosh Lahje has an interesting comment about sadaqa and generosity:

"It is clear that everyday for us is an alast. Everyday, we have calls from God and also Satan. Being inattentive toward calls of God and complying requests of Satan will lead to crisis.

In the case of sadaqa, we help somebody to pass crisis to tranquility and get out of pressure. People confront difficulties because of their disobedience.

When we compensate for disobedience of somebody, God will forgive one of our disobediences and do not punish us for it.

Sadaqah embraces all poor people but infaq is just for the Shia of Imam Ali (peace be on him).

Ayatolloha Bahaodini (آیة الله بهاء الدینی) has insisted several times that people should feed the poor. Feeding the poor is usual among Shia.

We respect to wilaya by feeding the poor. So sadaqah will compensate for our disobedience and also infaq will compensate our inattention to of God."

Everyday we can be better than yesterdays. There is a chance for progress in this world and afterworld. When we ask God to grant us patience, it means that we ask him to grant us Ali (peace be on him). Then tomorrow will become better than yesterday with more blessings. Wilaya will help us in this road and also it's required of every Shai to do this. It is a commandment of Allah. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) has said: "Ruined is the one whose today is not better than yesterday", he means that God has provided instruments for us to make our today better than yesterday.

Even if we don’t respect this instruction, we commit a sin; the punishment is that we will be expelled from Islam. Stopping in one place and forgetting horizons of progress is a crime.

Respect to wilaya

Unfortunately, nowadays you see that many people do not respect wilaya. Insulting wilaya is a crime and God will punish it. Khosh Lahje illustrates this point:

"Insulting wilaya means disobedience and forgetting commandment of God. In this situation, we don't follow wilaya and instead we obey commandment of people. We commit sins. If you remind these people that they're committing sin, they answer that they don’t mean insulting wilaya. For example, they say that they always go to Mosque of Jamkaran (مسجد جمکران) or other holy shrines. They flaunt their Haj (الحج).

Hazrat Ma'sume (peace be on her) said to me: "There are people who visit my holy shrine but they don’t obey commandment of wilaya. This is insulting wilaya."

Dear friends, we don’t have to be satisfied by theses words. We do not have to think that they just show a theory. We have to practice.

We have to receive the blessings of these beliefs from heaven. Yes! We achieve just a bit of them here. We will achieve rest of them in afterlife. We have to feel the change in our belief as shining a light in ourselves. This is the manifestation of religion's truth. This means growth of sure.

If you become like those who have reached to level of Sure (الیقین) then all the curtains will be unveiled. Those persons can see wilaya with sure. They can see misery and retribution. But the eyes weak poeple are closed.

But they can find signs of wilaya. Ali Amir Al-Momenin (peace be on him) says: "There is a sign in every blessing". Quran says that those people who reach to level of sure and those thinkers who believe in wisdom can find a lot of signs in everything. If we think deeply then we will become sure. God says in Quran:

"And those who have no knowledge say: why doth not Allah speak unto us, or some sign come unto us? Even thus, as they now speak, spake those (who were before them. Their hearts are all alike. We have made clear the revelation for people who are sure." [۲۷]

"Say (O Mohammad): travel in the land and see how he originated creation, then Allah bringeth forth the late growth. Lo! Allah is Able to do all things." [۲۸]

Principle of sure

Principle of sure is one of major concepts in the field of wilaya. Khosh Lahje says about this case:

"There are three main concepts about sure:

  • Knowledge of sure (علم الیقین)
  • Rightfulness of sure (حق الیقین)
  • Principle of sure (اصل الیقین)

We must have knowledge of sure and acknowledge its

rightfulness. We see that although many people don’t deny rightfulness of sure but they don't believe in principle of sure. Many people are in a situation like this.

If you are sure of wilaya, then you will obey commandment of wilaya. You won't believe lies of people. When you obey such commandments of people, it means that we don’t have reach to level of sure.

How do you want to get sure? Firstly, you must want it. Because God says that if you want to get sure, you have to ask me to help you. Firstly, you have to be submitted to God. But unfortunately we are not submitted to God, we are submitted to people.

God says: "Pray me, come to me then I'll satisfy you."

The sign of being submitted to God is that you become submitted to Imam Ali (peace be on him). You have to become submitted to Imam Zaman (May God hasten his glad advent)

We just imagine that we are submitted to wilaya. But it is just a dream. Quran says: "And we shall turn unto the work they did and make it scattered motes" [۲۹]. When you have such a false belief, in Doomsday you will see that all of the works that you did turn to scattered motes.

It means that you do works without attention to commandment. Many people do not pay attention to this point.

People go on a pilgrimage of Mecca, Karbala (کربلا) and other holy places, but they go without attention to commandment.

Commandment will reward you if you care about commandment. But when you don’t pay attention, you won’t gain anything.

Human must have a spiritual travel (سیر) through creatures.

After this, he will find that all creation is in one side and in the other side there is something upper than creation: It is the concept of Hojjat (الحجة).

Then we get sure of wilaya, we find Hojjat as the most important thing and others would not be important for us.

You have to move through creatures. This is a spiritual movement. Then you will reach to level of Sure.

In this level of faith, you become sure of God and Quran. In this level, you have to think about obeying commandment. Abdol Azim Al-Hasani (عبدالعظیم حسنی) was obeying imam. We read in a saying that going on a pilgrimage of Abdol Azim Al- Hasani is like going on a pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (peace be on him)."

Manifestation of religion's truth

Khosh Lahje, in one of his lectures about sessions of wilaya declares the condition of finding the truth of religion. He illustrates that in these sessions which people gather together and listen to the speech of a scholar about Islam, Firstly, the speaker who is a scholar of religion must be a divine scholar and listener has to be a true seeker of religion. This will lead to manifestation of religion' truth.

Attention to the truth of religion has a very important effect on us in both worlds.

When we didn't have reached to level of sure, we should pay attention to signs of wilaya in this world.

A person, who speaks about religion, should know religion truly. We have to notice that if he is just a member of those aberrant sects. They can't find truth. They mislead people. In this case the speaker just imagines that he is a true scholar and misdirects people with his false beliefs. We don’t have to obey him.

Therefore, we have to understand truth by being sure of wilaya, and then we will feel beauty and truth of religion. You have to become sure that religion is the best blessing of God. It is like light and hope. We have to go deep in concepts and search for indications of blessings. As Imam Ali (peace be on him) said that there is a sign for every blessing and every right has a truth. So if we consider a lecture in which religion is discussed in a correct way, then we can find signs of blessings in it. Is there anybody to receive these signs? A person who receives these signs is a true researcher and seeker of religion.

All the sects didn't seek the truth except one of them. When we go to a session, first of all, we have to evaluate it. Can you find truth about religion there?

Wasi (الوصی) of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) was Imam Ali (peace be on him). This is the truth. They distorted the truth. They elected some one else as caliph after death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). It was just a lie. They elected another executer. They usurped the right of Imam Ali (peace be on him). Then the seditions started out. Different insects appeared.

Direction (Al-Hedaya- الهدایة) was forgotten by people. Different dark roads were appeared.

Divine Scholar

Who is a divine scholar? Khosh Lahje illustrates this point:

"It is important for me to say that the truth of Islam is believing in Imam Ali (peace be on him). You have to accept wilaya because God says "If you pray as much as all of ins and jinn (الإنس و الجن) but don’t believe in wilaya of Ali (peace be on him) then are you will be condemned to hell [۳۰] (this is the truth that God emphasizes on it in the this verse: "This day have I perfected your religion."[۳۱]) So in Islam, prayer is a secondary concept. The truth of Islam is wilaya.

When People gather together and talk about wilaya, these sessions can become instruments for development of Islam. These discussions are very useful. Imam Sadiq (peace be on him) says about the wilaya sessions:

"When you convene to talk about wilaya, I become proud of such sessions and those people who participate in the discussions."[۳۲]

Therefore in the session of wilaya, we have to talk about masumin and their lessons not others.

Do not forget that a true scientist is a person that does not say any thing out of wilaya. Because God said to Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him):

"And if he had invented false sayings concerning us. We assuredly had taken him by the right hand and then served his life artery." [۳۳]

He must associate imams. Novvab (نواب الاربعة) of Imam Zaman (may God hastens his glad advent) were insisting that they never say anything out of commandment. They just declared message of Imam Zaman (may God hastens his glad advent). They were swearing to God that if they never say something out of commandment, even if enemies chop their bodies. So you see that divine scholar should convey message of fourteen masumin.

The superiority of divine scholar to others is because of his attention to commandment of God.

Commandment of God is Ali (peace be on him). Thank God that all of Shia scholars are true scholars. But the Sunni clergies don't have any communication with commandment of God. Shia scholars believe in Ali Amir Al Momenin (peace be on him) as first Imam. They believe in this sentence of Quran: " This day have I perfected you religion " this sentence refers to the day of Qadir. Sunni scholars don’t believe in this.

I always respect true scientists and scholar. I respect those who believe in wilaya.

I had a strong friendship with Sheikh Abbas Tehrani (شیخ عباس تهرانی) . He granted to me a lot of blessings in different spiritual fields.

He said in a lecture: "If a student study hard but imams don't support him, he will go foreword for sometimes but finally he will fall in darkness. Therefore we need the support of imams.

Many years before, I was attending in lectures from Ayatollah Meshkini (آیة الله مشکینی) about ethics.

I recommended to Ayatollah Meshkini that Hoze (حوزه علمیه) should hold lectures of ethics, because youth students have to learn ethics in addition to other courses. First of all, they have to learn to respect their parents. They need such lessons. They have to feel presence of Imam Zaman (May God hastens his glad advent). "

Pride of science

"There are several people who are proud of their knowledge. You see that some of philosophers are proud of their philosophies. Certainly, we are not contradicting science; we respect the place of philosophy, theology and science. But it is necessary to be careful about those arrogant scientists and scholars. They are misdirecting people. They are selfish. They do not help human being. Only those who obey wilaya are true scholars. I mean that scientists and scholars and philosophers have to obey Imam Mahdi (May God hastens his glad advent).

Perfection and Total Perfection

In this section, two important concepts will be discussed: Perfection (کمال) and Total Perfection (کل کمال). Khosh Lahje continues:

"Perfection means that a person achieves worldly glory. For example he reaches to a higher level of knowledge. He becomes a university professor. He gains the respect. His family will be proud of him. This is the meaning of perfection. You achieve higher level of success.

But total perfection is that you try to help wilaya with all of your abilities and knowledge. You become a helper to wilaya and Islam with all of your skills. You will be proud of yourself because you try to assist wilaya. This is total perfection.

Some people pretext that Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his glad advent) is absent. What about Quran? Quran is not absent. Also we can get help from sayings of imams.

Someday in the future, Imam Mahdi (May God hastens his glad advent) will come. On that time, he will say: "I am Noah, I am Adam. I prove what they told you." But some people think that he presents a brand new religion. No! He will remember us messages of all past prophets.

So we have to use our knowledge and science with attention to commandment of wilaya. On that time, we will approach to total perfection. Otherwise, our knowledge will be just a superiority to other people and nothing else. We have to obey commandment of God with using our knowledge in the right way. God says in Quran:

"And if he had invented false sayings concerning us. We assuredly had taken him by the right hand and then served his life artery." [۳۳]

If you obey commandment, your science will be an instrument for obedience. It is the aim of a true scholar. Otherwise emphasizing on your own abilities and forgetting God will lead to arrogance. This is a danger for any scholar or scientist. If you do not care about this point then you will become selfish. I never speak about a topic without reference to Quran and sayings.

Imam Ali (peace be on him) said to Komeil (کمیل):

"Let your body and soul be as instruments for God" It means that your hands and feet must be submitted to commandment of God. When this happens, you become a perfect scholar. But if you do not believe in this, you will be just an ordinary philosopher or scientist. "

Thinkers believe that there are some special signs for distinguishing a true scholar. In the next section, we will discuss about the signs of a true scholar.

Abu Hanife (أبو حنیفه) was a scholar who did not obeyed commandment of Allah. He was not a true scholar. He organized an aberrant sect in the era of Imam Sadiq (peace be on him). A day, he came to visit Imam Sadiq (peace be on him). First, he kissed cane of Imam Sadiq (peace be on him). This cane was a token from Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Imam Sadiq (peace be on him) said to him: "Why don't you kiss my hand that is flesh, skin and blood of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him)?"

Abu Hanife is not a true scholar. He was always praying. Even there was a sign on his forehead that was showing his long prostration in praying, he was always illustrating sayings for people. But Imam Sadiq (peace be on him) says about him: "He thinks that he is servicing religion. But the situation is completely different. It is better for him to sit at home, and then people would seek and find us". Abu Hanife did not help Islam.

You see, this man misdirects people. Imam Sadiq (peace be on him) says that this man have no knowledge of Islam. He illustrates sayings incorrectly.

On that time, Imam Sadiq (peace be on him) was present. He was doing his duties. What about Abu Hanife? What was his role? If he was a true scholar, he would consider this situation and obey Imam Sadiq (peace be on him). But he presented himself as an establisher of a new sect. he was fool. He was just showing off.

Signs of a true Muslim scholar

Divine scholar has a special place in Islam. He has a very important role in development of Islam. There are a lot of sayings about divine scholars. Some of them describe aspects of his personality. Some of them talk about his acts.

They are all true. But we do not have to forget that there is a condition. The scholar has to be careful about commandments of Islam. He has to be a true scholar. Scholars always hold sessions about religious or scientific subjects. But there is an important point about these sessions. Imams insist on not going to the sessions that are not useful. Firstly, you have to consider that what is discussed in the session. If you read the history, you can find a lot of scholars that held several sessions about religious subjects but misled people. They spoke about attractive subjects. They attracted people but they lost the right way. They illustrated religious subjects incorrectly. Those people who hold such sessions and mislead people are damned. The danger of a person like Abu Hanifah has surrounded you. Abu Hanife held several sessions about religious subjects. But he did not have a correct view of Islam. He did not let people to find light.

There are a lot of saying about aspects of a true scholar. we continue with a saying from Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him): "Scholars of Islam are superior to Prophets of Bani Israel." Remember that we have to distinct a true Muslim scholar from others. A true scholar believes in wilaya. He obeys commandment of God.

You see how magnificent Islam is! There are a lot of differences between Islam and past religions. We are honored to be in the shadow of Islam. Divine scholar in Islam has a more valuable place than prophets of Bani Israel.

Therefore, divine Muslim scholars, who obey commandment of wilaya are in upper level. They are superior to all prophets of Bani Israel.

Therefore a true scholar of Islam must prove this claim of our prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) with his knowledge in lectures and even if it was necessary he has to show marvels (الکرامة)

Jesus (peace be on him) resuscitated few people, but a true Muslim scholar, who is obeying commandment of wilaya, can resuscitate all people. He whispers with himself:

"I can resuscitate all people with wilaya of Imam Ali (peace be on him)."

Khosh Lahje illustrates this point with an example:

Once, a man came to visit a clergyman. The clergyman was spading in the farm. They started a discussion. During the discussion, the man asked the clergyman: "How did cane of Moses turn into a snake?

The clergyman threw his spade and then it turned to a snake! Clergyman said to man: "like this!"

This example shows that a true Muslim scholar can reach to this level of wilaya. He can achieve such a level of faith. Now we bring examples from story of other prophets in the lectures of Khosh Lahje. This will lead us to know the value of true scholars.

You know that in the beginning days of Islam, infidels were reproaching Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) that he is illiterate. Was he illiterate?

He knew secrets of heaven. Hafiz (حافظ) the famous Iranian poet says:

My idol! (Muhammad), who to school went not; and writing wrote not; With a glance, the percept-teacher of a hundred schools became.

Now let's consider the lectures of Haj Hossein to prove the superiority of our pious scholars to all prophets of Bani Israel.

Khosh Lahje tells the story of Prophet Joseph (peace be on him):

"Everybody knows the famous story of Joseph (peace be on him) and Zoleika (wife of Potiphar زلیخا). Joseph (peace be on him) refused satanic request of Zoleika. She accused him. Then she ordered him to select between two choices: Accepting her request or imprisonment. Joseph (peace be on him) said that he will go to prison. But there is a point here. He himself wanted to go to prison. We will illustrate this point."

Khosh Lahje always insists that a person doesn't have to lean on any being except God. God is the only effective factor in the world. Many of us forget the main source of force in this world and ask help from people. Joseph (peace be on him) asked God but he did not pray with the best words. How?

"Zoleika said to Joseph (peace be on him) that there is no choice for you except accepting my request or going to prison. Joseph (peace be on him) prayed to God: "O God! Prison is more dear to me than that unto which they urge me" [۳۴]

That was an example about a past prophet. We considered the case of Joseph (peace be on him). Now we will consider the case of Moses (peace be on him)

One day, Moses said to God: "Is there any human in existence with more knowledge than me?"

God ordered him to go to Khezr (خضر) and follow him. That was an exam for Moses: Following a person who is selected by God.

Moses (peace be on him) met Khezr (peace be on him). He told the commandment of God to Khezr (peace be on him). Firstly, Khezr (peace be on him) warned Moses (peace be on him):

"You can't follow me in this way. You don’t have enough patience to see my acts, maybe they look strange. Can you follow me?" [۳۵]

Moses (peace be on him) reminded Khezr (peace be on him). that he is a prophet and he can.

You see that God guides Moses (peace be on him) to Khezr (peace be on him). God was sure of him. He believed in knowledge and trustfulness of Moses (peace be on him). Moses had to accept Khezr. He had to get help from him during events. But he didn't notice to this point and failed the exam. Moses (peace be on him) could not understand the wisdom behind acts of Khezr. He did not follow Khezr.

Khosh Lahje also illustrates the case of Jesus (peace be on him):

"When he ascended to heaven, He brought with himself a needle and a thread to sky. God stopped him in the fourth sky. But those Shia who believe deeply in Imam Ali (peace be on him) can go higher. They can know about secrets of heaven and truth. So you have to consider the true place of Shia. Shia is magnificent."

Do you know who Shia is? What is wilaya? Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) says that the true scholars of Muslim people, those scholars who have strong faith and believe in wilaya are better than all prophets of Bani Israel. We are proud of our prophet and wilaya.

Unfortunately, nowadays we see that university professors or scholars do not insist on wilaya. They do not pay attention to this golden source of truth. For example, when university professors want to speak about religion and illustrate a topic, they try to refer to a western philosopher for validate their thought process. They are not aware of this point: Our prophet has valued true Muslim scholars. True scholar of Muslim people can achieve some levels higher than past prophets. True scholars have to concentrate on wilaya to prove the rightfulness of Islam.

There are two reasons for my claim. First, message of past prophets is distorted. This is the key point.

Second, if past prophets were alive today and their message wasn't distorted, they would be students of true Muslim scholars .They would confess to superiority of true Muslim scholar to others. They wished to be student of these scholars.

Islam: The religion of right

Islam is a magnificent religion. All of divine scholars of Islam are superior to past prophets before Mohammad (peace be on him). It means that all of Muslims can receive an enaya that all past prophets were deprived of it. They wished to be a member of Muslim people.

When we consider verses of Quran, we understand that God accepts only one religion: Islam. "Religion with Allah is Islam." [۳۶] If a person chose other religion, God doesn't accept it.

Also there is another verse in Quran that points to this subject:

"I perfected for you and completed my favor unto you and have chosen for you as a religion AL-ISLAM" [۳۷]

God doe's not interest in other religions, because they have been distorted. All of those religions were like a prelude to Islam.

We have to be thankful that God has granted us Islam. God says:

"Ye are the best community that hath been raised up for mankind. Ye enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency; and ye believe in Allah. And if the people of the scripture had believed, it had been better for them. Some of them are believers; but most of them are evil livers." [۳۸]

We can find the glory that God has granted us. He included us with the people of Mohammad (peace be on him). Past prophets wished to be among people of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be on him).

We talked about the story of Joseph (peace be on him) and his pain. Then we discuss about Jacob (peace be on him), he was father of Joseph (peace be on him), he cried a lot when he lost Joseph until he became blind. He was far from Joseph for 18 years.

We insist that when we point to the story of past prophets and their pains and discuss about the reasons, it doesn't mean that we don’t respect them. We respect and honor them. We just want to recognize the difference between their messages and doctrine of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). This will lead us to thank God that we are Muslims. This discussion will be an evaluation for us.

Now, when we talk about Mohammad (peace be on him) we remember Ali (peace be on him). Of course it is clear that we can't separate them. They’re always together and they will be forever. This is one of the most important concepts of wilaya. We read about this concept in Hadis Kasa (حدیث الکساء) Prophet says to Imam Ali (peace be on him):

"Peace be on you, Ali, you're My brother, wasi and caliph. You hold my flag"

السلام علیک یا اخی و وصیی و خلیفتی و صاحب لوائی

Therefore the flag of Islam is in the hands of Imam Ali (peace be upon them).

Those people who do not believe in Imam Ali (peace be on him) are misdirected. They do not believe in true Islam.

I swear to God that if this person lives in the shadow of Islam, he will find true leaders.

We don’t intent to insult past prophets. We want to introduce Islam as the only religion that God accepts.

Believing in Imam Ali is the base of Islam.

Haj Hussein illustrates this sentence:

The condition of Islam is to accept this verse:

"So Allah and his angels shower blessing on prophets. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation" [۳۹]

If we don't accept this principle, then we are not true Muslims. But if we believe it then we obey prophet.

When we talk about the concept of obeying Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him), obviously, we mean obeying his commandment. Commandment of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) is obeying Imam Ali (peace be on him)

So if you want to notice to these sayings, firstly, you don’t have to be interested in this world. You do not have to be worldly minded. Forget it. Don’t love it. Try to be a moderate person. Being affected by attractions of this world will lead to misdirection. Then you can't understand true Islam. You will lose the right way.

When Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) delayed a little in presenting Ali (peace be on him) as his Wasi (الوصی), God said to him that if you don’t do this work and do not present Ali (peace be on him) as your wasi, your mission will be incomplete.

All people have to obey commandment of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). The commandment of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) is that all of us must obey Imam Ali (peacebe on him). God says in Quran:

"This day I've perfected your religion for you."

Believing Imam Ali (peace be on him) is the base of Islam. If Islam accepted Imam Ali (peace be on him) then it will be true, otherwise it is a distorted religion.

True Islam must accept fourteen masumin, because they are delegates of God. If you don’t believe in divine delegates (Imams), it means that you don't believe in other aspects of Islam.

God supports his delegates strongly during their mission. God says that if a person pray me but don’t believe in Ali (peace be on him) I will throw him in fire of hell. So you see that we have to believe in divine delegates. Fourteen masumin are delegates of God. Especially we have to focus on message of Imam Ali (peace be on him). I talked about this topic based Quran and sayings.

When Imam Zaman (may God hastens his glad advent) comes, all people think that he is talking about a brand new religion.

God says:

"And if he had invented false sayings concerning us. We assuredly had taken him by the right hand And then served his life artery." [۴۰]

So Imam Zaman (may God hasten his glad advent) won't bring a new religion to this world. He will remember us the past days. He will remember us commandment of God.

But those people, who select an untruthful religion, do not believe in such beliefs. They just believe in their untruthful religion. They are misdirected.

Quran and Etrat

Now we want to consider the instructions of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and other masumin (peace be on them). They have told us about all the problems of past people and also seditions. They teach us lessons about these seditions. They protect us from all of past seditions.

They teach us ways of prevention from the seditions. This is the superiority of the Muslims people to others. Past prophets, before Mohammad (peace be on him) wished to become a member of Muslim people. I have strong reasons for what I say. For example if Joseph (peace be on him) was a member of Muslim people, he would not face such problems.

The story of Jacob (peace be on him) and Joseph (peace be on him) is very famous. Jacob lost Joseph. He cried a lot. He was in pain. There were two reasons for pains and problems of Jacob. According to some of sayings, he had a bondwoman. He sold her child and separated them. In another saying we find that he drove a beggar away. [۴۱] Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) gifted us two diamonds: Quran and Etrat. They are inseparable. Khosh Lahje illustrates this point:

"Prophet put his hand on shoulder of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and said: "Ask all the things about Quran from Ali (peace be on him)." (فضائل الخمسه، به نقل از صواعق المحرقة) It means that Quran is in the heart of Ali (peace be on him). Ali (peace be on him) is a comprehensive illustrator of Quran.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) gave us two diamonds. Quran and Etrat: Mohammad (peace be on him) presented Imam Ali (peace be on him) to people as an Imam. Ali is the best illustrator of Quarn and Islam. But why do we ask about Quran from other people? It shows that we do not pay attention to fourteen masumin (peace be on them). You see that many people do not obey commandant of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him).

Now apparently, Ali is not between us. How can we ask him about Quran? He is not here. But we can read his illustrations. There are many sayings of Imam Ali (peace be on him) and other masumin. This is the answer. Ali (peace be on him) expressed Quran in several sayings. He illustrated Quran. His sayings are comprehensive guide to religion. We have to obey his instructions. These sayings contain commandment of God.

You can find the instructions in sayings. For example one of them says to us: Don’t follow those people who make sedition. In another saying Imam Ali (peace be on him) advices us not to respect these people and don’t make a sedition and commit a sin. So Ali (peace be on him) is always present. He is between us. But do we care? We have to obey commandment of Ali (peace be on him) because he obeys commandment of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him)

But unfortunately you see that during history, many people do not pay attention to message of Ali (peace be on him). Even they insult fourteen masumin with their acts. It is a disgrace.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) said that anyone who insults Zahra (peace be on her) , it is like that he insults me and anyone who insults me , it means that he insults God. [۴۲] Here, there is a question:

Can we welcome those who insulted Zahra (peace be on her)? Can we believe in them? The answer is: Never!

Those who insulted Fateme Zahra (peace be on her) and wilaya, are enemies. Some of them say that "Shia shcismatized", I emphasize that we don’t oppose to this sentence. Yes! We separate from you! We obey just commandment of Imam Ali (peace be on him). We are not guilty. We only obey the truth. Shia doesn't believe in those people who insulted Fateme (peace be on her). We don’t agree with them. Never! This is not a crime. God will judge between us. It is obvious that we can't judge on our own.

Sunnis have several sects. Only one of them believes that Shia must be killed. I mean Wahabis (الوهابیون) Wahabis accused Shia. They say that Shia is unclean (نجس). They accuse that Shia worships Ali. It is very strange! It is a lie.

Shia doesn't worship Ali (peace be on him). Imam Ali (peace be on him) was always praying God. It means that he is not God. Imam Ali says: "I pray same God that Mohammad (peace be on him) prays." [۴۳]

Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and imams didn't command to kill Sunnis. Also Omar and Aba Bakr didn't command to kill Shia. Therefore if they kill us, this will be a disobedience of God.

Now, we want to get help from Quran and sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and find out why Jacob (peace be on him) suffered from such a pain and what is the way of prevention?

We will discuss about another instruction of wilaya. Quran illustrates the cause of Jacob's pain in a verse:

"Therefor the beggar not away" [۴۴]

This is the cause of Jacob's pain. He did not pay attention to a beggar.

On the other hand, Imam Ali (peace be on him) says that anything that you don't like for yourself; don't prefer it for others [۴۳]

If Jacob (peace be on him) had heard this commandment of Imam Ali (peace be on him), he would never sell the child of his bondwoman. That was the reason behind his pain.

So you have to understand that you're in such a place that past prophets wished to be there. Every commandment of fourteen masumin has a lot of dimensions. You can find in every saying a lot of valuable concepts.

Some people say that past prophets have a higher place. I'm surprised that Why don't they understand this point, why do they think that past prophets before Mohammad (peace be on him) are better than true Shia? True Shia is a person who obeys commandment of fourteen masumin. If you say that true Shia has a lower place than past prophets (except Mohammad) then this would be an insult to our prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). Remember that believing in false beliefs and publishing lies are terrible crimes.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and Imams worked hard for development of Islam and now we have this treasury in our hand. This is their gift to us. Please notice that past prophets didn't have this treasury.

There are a lot of sayings about Doomsday (Day of Judgment, Al-Qiama، القیامة). These sayings describe the situation of people when God considers their acts. According to the sayings, there is not torment with fire in this day, but the condition will be too much difficult for people. They can't tolerate. For example people won't have enough space to stand in. they sweat a lot, even they will be drowned in their sweat. The situation will be so difficult.

Also there's a saying about Jacob (peace be on him): After death, he asks God to consider his acts soon. But there's a rule in heaven that every person should wait after death until he joins the person that he loved in this world. Jacob (peace be on him) loved Joseph (peace be on him). He had to wait for Joseph (peace be on him) to join him.

But the condition was so hard. He was so impatient. Although he was loving Joseph and cried a lot for him (until he went blind) but he wanted God to consider his acts before coming of Joseph. He said to God that he can't wait for Joseph. This saying shows the hard situation after death.

Please pay attention to this saying about Shia:

In Doomsday (Al-Qiamah, القیامة) Shia of Imam Ali (peace be on him) will be happy, they will sit under the tree of Tuba. They will be protected. They will watch scene of Mah'shar (Dooms day, المحشر ) in the shadow of protection.

Fourteen masumin are of light

Khosh Lahje discusses about the difference between Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and past prophets:

"The difference is that, Noah (peace be on him) had the title of Prophet , also Abraham (peace be on him) had this title. God granted to them this title; the point here is that they were creatures. They were just prophets. But Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) is light. This is the difference.

Please pay attention to this point: Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) didn't have shadow. All fourteen masumin are of light.

In another saying we read that fourteen masumin are light of God [۴۵]. Khosh Lahje doesn’t say any thing without reference to Quran and sayings."

Therefore if people follow fourteen masumin, in the first step, they will reach to such blessings in this world and afterworld that even Jacob didn’t reach.

Imam Sadeq (peace be on him) insists that if his friends, obey his commandments completely, he will guarantee them. He will protect us.

But why are we poor? We don’t care about wilaya, because we're not thankful. We have to thank God. He created imams to guide us. Unfortunately many of us don’t pay attention to commandment of God.

Even we know a little about Islam. What does this religion grant to us? Who is Mohammad (peace be upon him)? Did we try to find all aspects of his personality? What is his message? Who are the children of Mohammad (peace be upon him)? What is the first step in the road of progress?

So the story of Jacob is finished. We spoke about his fate, but don’t forget that our file is not closed. It is still open. We have to pass several exams. If we didn't have followed fourteen masumin up to now, so it's time to start. We need their help in the exams of life.

If we find the right way and know correct address and follow truth of religion, this will lead to elimination of pains in this world and afterworld.

What about our life? It is a miserable life. It is a disgrace! We do not pay attention to wilya.

In the next section, we will find who Mohammad (peace be on him) and his children are. All of their believers are supported strongly by God.

Fourteen masumin are of the same light

We don’t have the ability to present a complete introduction of them; we can not find all aspects of them. We can't reach to such a level. Therefore we can only declare some hints:

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is such a person that God said about him:

"O Mohammad! if you were not in existence, I would not have created heaven." [۴۶]

In the second time, God said to Mohammad (peace be on him):

"If Ali (peace be on him) was not in existence, I would not have created you." [۴۷]

In the third time, God says about Fateme (peace be on her):

"O Mohammad! If Fateme (peace be on her) was not in existence, I would not have created you and Ali."

Khosh Lahje illustrates this point:

"It is obvious that fourteen masumin are not like ordinary people. They are created from light of God. You know that God says:

"O Mohammad, if Fateme(peace be on her) would not exist, I would not create you and Ali(peace be on him). It means that, they are all together; you have to believe all of them at the same time. Otherwise there will be no difference between you and an infidel. If you don’t believe in Mohammad (peace be on him), you are impious. The worse is when you don’t believe in Ali and Fateme (peace be on her).

Living in this world is a gift of Imams, especially from Imam Zaman (May God hastens his glad advent).

If we want to understand the magnificence of Zahra (peace be on her) we have to just notice to a saying of Imam Sadiq (peace be on him,):

"All of Imams are Hojjats of God on the earth for all people. Fateme Zahra (peace be on her) is Hojjat of all Imams."

Fateme Zahra (peace be on her) has a book, this book is named Mos'haf (المصحف) . This book is about all events and facts from beginning of the world to Doomsday (Al-Qiamah). Also it includes the name of true pious people. This book is comprehensive and shows her superiority to all other beings. Fateme Zahra (peace be on him) is unique. So she knows about all the events. This book contains all information about salvation of people.

A man came to Imam Sadeq (Peace be on him) and told him about his long prayers and fasts. Firstly, He spoke about religion from his point view, and then he tried to show off. His religion was based on just prayers or things like this. You know that only prayers are not enough for salvation.

At first, Imam Sadeq (peace be on him) preferred to be silent.

But that man continued his claims. Finally Imam Sadeq (peace be on him) said to him: "your name is not in Mos'haf of my mother Fateme Zahra (peace be upon her)." That man was not a pious. He was insisting just on praying, it not enough,

Fateme Zahra (peace be upon her) is the mother of world and time. She is the mother of Muslim people. Also Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) says: "Ali and I are doors to Muslim people, we are like fathers of these people."

Fateme Zahra (peace be on her) is the mother of all being. Fateme is called "the mother of her father". She is mother of fourteen masumin.

Now here is a point. Amene was mother of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). Fatima Bint Asad was Mother of Imam Ali (peace be on him). But Fateme Zahra is the mother of all beings. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) says that Fateme is ther mother of his father While she is his daughter. This shows the magnificence of Fateme (peace be on her).

Only a person can understand this topic that is not worldly-minded. If you become worldly-minded then a bar will be set between you and these Golden words. In this situation, you won’t be able to find true meaning of religion. God said to Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him):"we have set a bar before them and a bar behind them and thus have covered them so that they see not" [۴۸]

It's obvious that if you are worldly-minded, then God will set a bar before your eyes. I swear to Fateme (peace be on her) that this bar will be set if you do not care.

So we understand that all of fourteen masumin are like extracts of religion. They are examples of religion in practice. Zahra and Ali (peace be on them) and Mohammad (peace be on them) are Islam. God created all beings just for them. thus, creation is a gift.

Creation is a gift from wilaya

Khosh Lahje says:

"All of the beings are a gift from wilaya. Fourteen masumin become happy when they grant this gift to Shia. You see that during history, they tried to direct people. They tolerated pains in hard days just to convey message of God. They guarantee salvation of Shia by their sacrificing. But nowadays you see that Satan deceives people. We make mistake and think that some liars are true Shia. They deceive people. Unfortunately people obey them. Many people obey sinners and go astray.

A man came to visit Imam Sadeq (peace be on him). When he wanted to enter the house, the servant of Imam Sadeq (peace be on him) asked his name. The man introduced himself as "A shia of Imam"

But Imam Sadeq (peace be on him) didn't let him to enter the house. Again the man introduced himself as "One of the friends".

Imam asked him: "Aren't you Ibrahim (ابراهیم) The man answered: "Yes."

Imam said: "why do claim that you are my friend? You are not my friend. Last Wednesday, you were helping women to stand in lines for prayer. A woman asked you a question. She had a beautiful voice. At that moment, Satan tempted you. You wanted her to repeat her question. So, are you my friend?"

It is our misery that we think everybody is a true Shia.

Now we want to talk about Fateme (peace be on her) and describe just a piece of her magnificence.

The truth of this subject is completely different from what is said in mourning sessions. We don't have the ability to express the truth of this topic. Also there's nobody with such ability to understand the whole of this topic. We ask help from Fateme (peace be on him).

Powers of inward occupation

In this section, we will talk about the special power. This section is about those people who have some special power but do not use it in a good way.

They harm people. They seduce people.

God says in Quran:

"The prayer of disbelievers goeth astray."[۴۹]

There are some people that pray a lot everyday. Apparently they pray with deep emotion and excitement. But this is just the apparent. They don't pray for obeying commandment of God. They occupy the soul of people. They deceive people. We will illustrate this terrible effect.

They oppress Mohammad (peace be upon him) and imams. Those people, who occupy the soul of people, get the special power from wilaya but don’t use it in the right way. Let's consider the meaning of a saying from Imam Hussein (peace be on him): "Use power for power". Imam means that we have to ask God to direct us in a way that we use any instrument in the right way. We have to use instruments of religion to guide people to the right ways. If we do not care about it then we will be misdirected. It is dangerous.

So this is the power of inward occupation. You can occupy mind of people and direct them. If you use this power correctly, it will lead people to salvation, but nowadays, unfortunately you see there are some people that have this power but make seditions

But if we believe in Fateme (peace be on her) then even the most powerful cruel will become abject. If we believe in Fateme (peace be on her) then we will be protected.

Recognizing the Sedition

Now, we return to this verse of Quran:

"OUR Lord! Lay not on us such a burden as Thou didst lay on those before us! Our lord! Impose not on us that which we have not the strength to bear." [۵۰]

Firstly, when we consider the phrase: "Such a burden as Thou didst lay on those before us." we understand that difficulties and seditions of are for past nations and also Muslims both. After death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) up to now.

The second point here is that God teaches us a very important lesson in this verse. We have to ask him not to impose on us what we have not the strength to bear. It is a golden point. This is a lesson from God.

When God advices us to ask him such a thing, then there's a way for us to achieve his protection. We need his protection to get safety from seditions. God shows the right way to us. Otherwise we will be lost in the seditions. We can ask Allah to release us from difficulties and seditions of all past people and even difficulties of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him). Now in this discussion, we will go forward to seek the right way.

For example we point to sedition that people of Moses (peace be on him) were involved in. That was a terrible sedition. Ba'lam Baura started made this sedition. We mentioned before that he knew Esme Azam. He had some special powers. [۵۱]

Bal'am Baura went to place of public prayer and cursed people of Moses. People became wanderers in the desert for forty days. This is a very famous story. In the morning they were starting to move in the desert, and at night, they were finding themselves at the same place of morning.

So we can consider the sayings of masumin about wandering. This is sedition. Also it is a metaphor. You have to pay attention to the right way and be aware of dangers. Otherwise you will turn to a wanderer in deserts of darkness. That was just an example of several seditions in the history. Imams warn us. They illustrate these seditions.

What about today? Don't you feel the danger? Many of us have experienced such troubles? Although we try hard, but do we consider such seditions? Do we recognize different kinds of them? Do we pay attention to the dangers?

In the past topics, it has been pointed out that stopping in a place and forgetting the way of progress is a sin. You have to try to go forward in the way of faith. You have to strengthen your faith. Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) has said: "Every person whose today is the same of yesterday, he is deceived, and every person whose today is worse than yesterday, he is damned." [۵۲]

Khosh Lahje illustrates this point:

"Stopping in one place means that a person likes Imam Ali (peace be on him) but he does not go forward in the way of wilaya, Even he lags. Many people had this critical problem. You have to consider your acts. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) has said that you have to try to go forward in the road of wilaya. Try to strengthen your faith."

So Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) informs us about these seditions. If we pay attention to his commandment then we will be protected from such difficulties. Remember this golden point: "We don’t have to stop. We must go forward. Forgetting progress in the way of wilaya is a crime."

It is clear that obeying Quran and Etrat will help us to identify problems of past people and become protected. We learn how to prevent from repetitive difficulties. If you pay attention to recommendations of fourteen masumin then historical problems won’t retreat again.

But when you see that past problems repeat again then you have to consider your acts carefully. They will effect on your destiny terribly. When they repeat, it means that you are neglecting .then we will forget advice of imams. Sedition can start every moment, but we can protect ourselves. We need help. Quran and Etrat will help us. They will protect us.

Seditions are like mortal viruses. They have killed many people. But now we have vaccine. We can protect ourselves. Quran and Etrat will help us.

Seditions can't harm us. We do not scare of these seditions. Quran and Etrat protect us.

So this is the concepts of a famous saying that illustrates the later times (Apocalypse, آخرالزمان). In the last centuries of the history, all past seditions will repeat again.

But do we care to this point that Quran and Etrat granted to us the best vaccine for these seditions?

These seditions attack, but we're safe. You see it is a clear reason that proves superiority of Muslims to all nations of past prophets. People of Moses committed a crime, then that famous sedition started. They lost the way. They were wandering in the desert for forty years.

If you do not use this vaccine then you have to pay the penalty. You will be expelled. In the next section, we will discuss about Bal'am Baura and how God granted to him Esme A'zam and then we will discuss about famous sedition of Bani Israel. In the end of next section, we'll illustrate solution of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) for these problems.

A Thousand months of prayer

Past people had to pray many times a day. For example, they had to pray 51 rak'at (رکعت) in a day. It was hard. They had to fast for more days. Even when somewhere of their body became polluted they had to cut the skin of that part.

When you consider the situation of past people, you will find another blessing of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on her). He asked God to decrease praying tasks. God gave this gift to Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) in the night of ascension (المعراج)

Past people had many praying tasks. There were some people among Bani Israel who were praying a thousand months. Bal'am Baura was one of them. He was one of those famous people who were praying a lot. God granted Esme Azam to him in the reward of a thousand months of praying. He had to pray a lot to reach to this level. But the situation is different for Muslims. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) says to heaven: "O God, the lifetime of my people is not such long to pray a thousand months. Please decrease their tasks. God accepted his request."

What is the night of Al-Qadr ? It is Fateme (peace is on her)

God revealed surra of Al-Qadr to gratify Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him), he granted Al-Qadr to our prophet. It is better than prayer of thousand months. This can foil the power of Bal'am Baura. It will foil the power of Esme Azam and inward occupation.

The verses of this surra show that there is a very important night in the year. praying at this night is worth more than praying in a thousand of months. We believe this night is in month of Ramadan (رمضان)

A man asked Imam Sadeq (peave be on him) about the night of Al-Qadr. He answers that it is Fateme (peace be on her). It is about Fateme (هی فاطمة، هی فاطمة). Therefore nobody can describe Fateme (peace be on her) perfectly because God has said:

"What will convey unto thee what the night of power is!" it means that anybody can't understand all aspects of this night completely.

When any scoundrel can turn us to a wanderer with his inner power, it shows that we don’t believe in Fateme (peace be on her). We have to believe in Fateme (peace be on him) to protect ourselves from seditions.

Many people can tempt us without Esme Azam, because we don’t believe in Fateme (peace be on her).

Hence we understand that concentration on the personality of Fateme (peace be on her) is necessary. Understanding Fateme (peace be on her) is a prerequisite, we have to know that how oppressed she was. This knowledge will eliminate other types of oppression.

We read in sayings that soul of Fateme (peace be on her) is created from magnificence. The name of Fateme (peace be on her) is related to magnificence. Fateme (peace be on her) shows special aspects of wilaya.

Who knows what Fateme (peace be on her) did after death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him)?

Nobody knows. If Shias know this then they will change the world. Shia will surprise all skies. The heaven will thank you. But first you have to know Fateme (peace be on her)

Fateme Zahra (peace be on her) is the supporter of wilaya

We discussed that Fateme (peace be on her) has a book which contains all of the events of the world from the beginning to the end (Al-Qiama).

Didn't Fateme (peace be on him) know that she would be martyred? It wasn't written in Mos'haf that infidels would usurp caliphate of Ali (peace be on him)? Fateme went to the houses of Mohajerin (مهاجرین) and Ansars (الأنصار) and wanted them to help Ali (peace be on him).

Fateme (peace be on her) was a completely veiled woman. She is a symbol. She wanted to be veiled even after her death. While only seven persons were escorting her in funeral. She visited many of Ansars and Mohajerin to remind them wilaya.

You can find the reason of this act in a saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him): "If there would be more than forty persons ready to help Ali (peace be on hi,), then Ali must arise and end all the seditions". You have to concentrate on this saying. Fateme (peace be on her) aimed to support wilaya and save human beings. Fateme (peace be on her) is the savoir of human. She is martyred in this way. Her blood protects wilaya and saves destiny of human. Then Ali (peace be on him) enters on the scene.

Fateme (peace be on her) regained consciousness when her baby was martyred and her bones were broken; She rose and saw that Ali (peace be on him) is captive.

She went to the mosque and shouted on enemies: "Set Ali (peace be on him) free or I'll curse you."

Ali and Fateme Zahra (peace be on them) try to save human

After death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him), those who insulted Fateme (peace be on him) are damned, when infidels attacked to the house of Imam Ali (peace be on him) and wanted him to swear allegiance to Aba Bakr perforce, if Fateme Zahra(peace be on her) would curse them ,all creatures would be extinct.

Ali (peace be on him) wants Salman to help Zahra. She was wounded. Salman conveys the message of Imam Ali (peace be on hin) to Fateme (peace be on her). Ali (peace be on him) wants Fateme (peace be on her) not to curse those infidiels, because all earth and skies will burn in fire and the birds in sky will be burnt. Ali (peace be on him) points to birds in sky. Why?

Ali (peace be on him) was worried about this and asked Fateme (peace be on him) not to curse them. He was worried about birds in sky! He said to Fateme (peace be on her) "please do not curse! All birds in the sky will be killed!"

firstly, it seems very strange. Why Ali (peace be on him) points to birds in sky?!

Those who attacked to Ali and Fateme (peace be on them) were not worthy to be saved. God damned them. Imam Ali (peace be on her) considered the birds in the sky! Those people were not competent to be saved. What about birds?! They were worth more than those people. He wanted Fateme (peace be on her) not to curse them, and then Fateme (peace be on her) obeyed Ali (peace be on him).

They insulted Fateme (peace be on her) and earth and columns of houses shake. Columns showed their readiness to obey Fateme (peace be on her). This shows that all of the world obey commandment of Fateme (peace be on her). She tries hard to save human being, she supports wilaya.

Ali (peace be on him) worries about human being. Do we worry about human being? Do we attention to the situation of human being?

In this scene Ali (peace be on him) is worried about all human being while his baby is martyred and his wife is wounded. He protects wilaya. If we were worried about them our condition would be completely different.

Although she has the authority of all the beings but Fateme (peace be on her) didn't cusred them. But now Shia can change the process, today shia can change the events and make all people surprised.

Fateme means magnificence

Imams describe Fateme (peace be on her) as their Hojjat (حجت). Because Fateme (peace be on her) can change all predeterminations that nobody can't. This is the place of Fateme in the heaven. She has a unique position. Every event is a captive of her glance. Fateme (peace be on her) knows all fates. Fateme (peace be on her) means magnificence; she is like a pen that writes on the holy table (لوح) . God Swears to Fateme (peace be on him) and what she writes on the holy table. God says about this pen and holy table: "NÜN. By the pen and that which they write (therewith)" [۵۳]

After death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be on her), infidels attacked to the house of Ali (peace be on her). They wanted to obligate him to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr . Fateme (peace be on him) tried to defend from wilaya. The infidels beat her. She was standing between door and wall bloody, her bones were broken. But you see this pain will lead to strengthen of Shia. Shia is protracted from a lot of seditions. Fateme (peace be on her) defended the wilaya. The future of Shia was planned in this day. Shia is protected by blood of Fateme (peace be on her) and other masumin.

Are we Shia? Do we believe in Fateme (peace be on her)? If somebody wants to offend us, does he need to have strong instruments like Esme Azam. I don’t think so. We are so weak.

Unfortunately many people don’t believe in Fateme (peace be on her), because Satan always temps them. Then they turn to a wanderer in deserts of darkness.

When we do not believe in Fateme (peace be on him), we lose the right way. We will be deceived by things like lust. We need strong faith.

In the month of Moharram (محرم), we wear black shirts, we tear a lot in mourning sessions, we go to a pilgrimage of imams, but do we learn lessons from Fateme (peace be on him). Do we focus on her personality aspects? Do we pay attention to her message? Do we believe in her?

If you want to put flag of honor on heaven, if you want to listen to angels that cheer for you, if you want to be a as a pen (القلم) that writes the destiny of human being, then you need divine help. On that time, God will swear to you, but firstly, you have to believe in Fateme (peace be on her). It is a prerequisite.

We can't describe Fateme Zahra (peace be on her)

Talking about magnificence of Fateme (peace be on her) is so hard. We can't compare her with other women. Her personality is unique.

Khosh Lahje says:

"I described Zahra (peace be on her) based on the sayings of imams and no more. I described her with permission from Imams.We illustrated the points about Fateme Zahra (peace be on him) just based on the inspirations from imams, no more or less.

But only God can describe Fateme (peace be on her). Is it possible for us to describe wilaya perfectly? We always talk about wilaya, but we have to know that only God can describe wilaya perfectly. He knows the secrets. We don’t have permission to describe Fateme (peace be on her). Fateme Zahra and Ali (peace be upon them) are special persons. This shows our weakness. We can't reach to such level to describe them.

Fateme (peace be on her) wants you to enrich your wilaya. So try to enrich your wilaya.

When Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) ascended to heaven, God gave an apple to him and said: "O Mohammad! Eat the apple". Of course there was no obligation. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) replied that I would like to share it with Imam Ali (peace be on him). Prophet divided the apple in half. Immediately, he found that the half of apple is disappeared. When he returned from ascension, he told Imam Ali (peace be on him) the story. Imam Ali (peace be on him) brought the half of apple and showed it to Mohammad (peace be on him). Then he said: "O Prophet! Please take this half of apple. When you will go to the cave of Harra (حرا) and then you will return, eat the half of it and give the other half to Khadije (خدیجه).

Fateme Zahra (peace be on him) is the extract of creation; you know that salt and water were her dowry. There is a golden point here. This means that all beings are dependent to Fateme (peace be on her). Salt and water are symbols.

We're beholden to of Zahra (peace be on her)

Describing Fateme Zahra (peace be on her) needs permission from God. It is a very important point. It is hard. Only a person can talk about Fateme (peace be on him) correctly that can effect on disunity of human being :A good effect toward guidance of human. God swears to it. I mean a holy effect. God will approve this effect. It needs a special person to do it.

We have to pray God to help us to become a member of wilaya. We have to apologize Fateme (peace be on her) this will change the destiny of human being.

یا علی


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